Mariah Carey enlists fans to reveal track-listing of new ‘Caution’ album

Mariah Carey has sent out pink caution tape to her fans around the world with the track names from her ‘Caution’ album printed on it and asked them to help her reveal the track-listing.

Names of the tracks slowly started to come in via Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #Caution.

Here is the final track-listing!

Track 1 – GTFO

Track 2 – WITH YOU

Track 3 – CAUTION

Track 4 – A NO NO

Track 5 – THE DISTANCE (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)

Track 6 – GIVING ME LIFE (featuring Slick Rick & Blood Orange)

Track 7 – ONE MO’ GEN

Track 8 – 8TH GRADE

Track 9 – STAY LONG LOVE YOU (featuring Gunna)

Track 10 – PORTRAIT

‘Caution’ is out on November 16th!


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