Stacie Orrico makes an emotional return to the stage for ‘Reunite CCM’ show

Stacie Orrico has returned to the stage for a one-night-only ‘Reunite CCM’ show (CCM: Contemporary Christian Music) in Covina, California with some old friends including Rachel Lampa.

reunite ccm.jpg

Stacie’s last major release was 12 years ago with the ‘Beautiful Awakening’ album, which we love so much. After the contract with her record label was terminated in 2007, Stacie has performed a little here and there, but is mostly out of sight. There have been a few times over the years where fans got excited about rumours of Stacie recording a new album, but nothing has eventuated.

This show is being regarded a ‘comeback’ for Stacie by fans who haven’t seen her perform a show like this in so many years, but we’ll have to wait and see if it results in anything more than a one-off performance.

Stacie performed ‘Stuck’, a very emotional ‘Strong Enough’, a duet with Rachel Lampa of Rachel’s song ‘Beautiful’, ‘Don’t Look At Me’, ‘Genuine’, ‘There’s Gotta Be More To Life’, and ‘Lean on Me’ by Kirk Franklin together with the rest of the performers.

You can watch the full concert, courtesy of Luminate Church on YouTube:


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