JoJo Has Re-recorded Her First Two Albums & more early work

JoJo suffered through legal battles with her previous label Blackground Records for a painful seven years, and after they removed her music from iTunes, Spotify and other music services, fans made a lot of noise asking for a resolution.

Following rumours swirling online, today JoJo made dreams come true by dropping both of her first two albums in their entirety re-recorded as a surprise for her fans.

The recordings have been released under JoJo’s own imprint ‘Clover Music’.

Her matured vocals on these tracks which were originally recorded when she was between 13 and 15 years old prove that the songs stand the test of time.

JoJo: Album One ’04


The High Road: Album Two ’06

Processed with MOLDIV

In addition to fans finally being able to download and stream all of the songs, JoJo will now also be able to earn the royalties she deserves.

It doesn’t end there though – she has also dropped new recordings of ‘Disaster’ and ‘Demonstrate’ which were both intended to be on her third album that never saw the light of day.



The releases are already available in Australia on iTunes and Google Play, so they should be available in the US and other countries past midnight there.


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