Backstreet Boys announce ‘DNA’ track-listing

The new Backstreet Boys album ‘DNA’ is out in only two weeks on January 25th, and up until now, the track-listing had been kept under wraps!


Today the track-listing was announced as follows:

1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
2. Nobody Else
3. Breathe
4. New Love
5. Passionate
6. Is It Just Me
7. Chances
8. No Place
9. Chateau
10. The Way It Was
11. Just Like You Like It
12. OK

It seems the Boys now have 2 different songs both called ‘Breathe’ as that is also the title of a song from their last album ‘In A World Like This’!

You can pre-order the album now – find all the links you need here.

Watch the new music video for their latest single, ‘No Place’:

The Backstreet Boys will kick off their ‘DNA World Tour’ in May – you can find all the tour details here.


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