20th Anniversary of Brian McKnight’s ‘Back At One’

On this day in 1999, Brian McKnight released what would become his signature song, ‘Back At One’.

brian back at one.jpg

The song was written and produced solely by Brian McKnight.

‘Back At One’ became a hit around the world, notably peaking at #2 in the US, and #4 in Canada.

The original music video for the single graphically depicted a plane crash, and due to its controversial nature, television stations were forced to stop airing it and even years later, it has not been uploaded to Brian’s YouTube channel. A second music video was released, which was very simple and safe, and is the one available on Brian’s official channel.


An English-Brazilian version of the song was also released with Brazilian artist, Ivete Sangalo. The duet peaked at #10 in Brazil.

Watch Brian perform the song a couple of months ago in Sydney, Australia:

Notable Chart Positions:

  • Australia: #24
  • Canada: #4
  • New Zealand: #7
  • US: #2

Music Video:

English-Brazilian version:

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