Brandy set to release new music on 25th anniversary of debut album

Brandy had fans guessing after posting cover art for ‘Freedom Rings’ to her social media platforms with a vague caption: “The light at the end of so many tunnels. This is my undeniable truth”.

Some assumed ‘Freedom Rings’ is Brandy’s long-awaited seventh studio album, and others believe it’s the follow-up single to her Daniel Caesar collaboration, ‘Love Again’.

Producer Ryan M. Tedder seemingly answered everybody’s burning questions by re-posting the image with the caption, “Yo, I really have a song dropping with @4everbrandy Friday. This is such an honor to have a collaboration with such a legendary artist”. Yes, this could mean it’s a single, but he could also be referring to one song on an album.

The 25th anniversary of Brandy’s self-titled debut album is this Friday, September 27th, and although Brandy didn’t explicitly state that the new music would be released to coincide with this milestone, the artwork features the words “25th Anniversary”, and the producer’s Instagram post also confirmed this.

Although it’s still unclear exactly what’s coming, Brandy fans can get excited to hear something new this Friday!

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