Watch: JoJo releases buzz single ‘Joanna’ in response to cancel culture

JoJo has released a new buzz single, ‘Joanna’, addressing negativity that’s surrounded her and her career over the years.

JoJo says the song is “a commentary on how social media makes us feel like we can say whatever we want about whoever, and direct it right at them.”

“For someone to write someone off and tell them when their story ends or what’s possible for them is just ridiculous. Anything is possible. You are on a path all your own”.

She revealed it started as a freestyle and stream of consciousness, which she didn’t intend for people to hear. “I was scared to let people hear it, but it’s all part of the journey”.

Watch the ‘Joanna’ music video:

‘Joanna’ is just a taste of what’s to come, as the lead single of JoJo’s highly anticipated follow-up album to 2016’s ‘Mad Love’ will be a song called ‘Sabotage’, featuring Chika, set to be released on October 25th. Pre-save here.

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