Listen: Toni Braxton releases remix EP for new song ‘Dance’

Toni Braxton has released a 3-track remix EP for a brand new song, ‘Dance’.

Written by Antonio Dixon and Toni, the three remixes have been produced by DJ Dave Audé.

This release bares a resemblance to the roll-out of the 5-track remix EP for ‘Coping’ which dropped a few months prior to the release of Toni’s 2018 album, ‘Sex & Cigarettes’. ‘Coping’ became Toni’s sixth #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart, and it appears Toni is hoping to follow that same trajectory in this new era.

Earlier this year, Toni revealed that the lead single for her forthcoming studio album was intended to be an upbeat dance song. Plans changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and ‘Do It’ was released instead. We suspect that ‘Dance’ may have been the song she was referring to.

There’s no word yet on whether ‘Dance’ will be an official single or just a promotional push for the upcoming album release. Meanwhile, Toni’s current single ‘Do It’ is seeing great success on Billboard’s Adult R&B chart, becoming her 18th Top 10 on the chart. She has now achieved Top 10 entries on the chart across 4 different decades.

Toni’s follow-up album to ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ is set to be released in August, however no official release date has been set.

Listen to ‘Dance’ here:

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