20th Anniversary of Kandi’s ‘Don’t Think I’m Not’

On this day in 2000, Kandi released the hit single, ‘Don’t Think I’m Not’, from her debut album, ‘Hey Kandi…’.


The day before Kandi filmed the music video, she was badly injured and could not bend one of her legs.

“If you watch the whole video, you’ll notice that one of my legs stays straight through the whole video. And that was because I was hit by a car the day before the video.

I was getting my nails done for the video, jumped out the car, and the valet guy, instead of going up the hill, he hit the car in neutral. I was walking behind the car and my leg got pinned between two cars”.

She wasn’t able to perform the choreography she had learned, but still went ahead and filmed the video. She had to keep her leg straight, and her wounds were strategically covered.


The single peaked in the Top 10 in New Zealand and the UK, and in the Top 20 in Australia and Canada. In the US, it peaked at #24.

Watch the music video: 

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