3 thoughts on “Mariah Carey announces ‘The Rarities’ album

  1. I just hope it will not include only the b sides do you think of me slipping away there for me and the tracks from international edition like secret love sprung there goes my heart miss you featuring jadakiss everything fades away 4 real 4 real heat runway right to dream
    Or imperfect 100 skydiving when i feel it or we re not making love anymore or weakness of the body triumphant bring it on home almost home infamous i dont feat yg cant say no or why you mad remix
    Or the angels advocate remixes that leaked previously like hateu candy bling ribbon inseparable .
    Or collobaration like my love lil love things that you do i like it friendz my life mizza when do the belle rings for me make you happy everytime i close my eyes

    Cause if these are the 15 tracks of the album im not interested.
    Im a little disapointed about the tokyo dome concert cause i already have it on dvd.
    I dont want the album to be entirely composed by leaked songs b sides or tracks realased on international éditions, or stand alone singles

    I really hope it will include real unrealased material like can you hear me from emotions album hypnotized from the demo.
    Mesmerized from the paperboy movie that was unrealased
    Hope street from me iam the exclusive chanteuse unrealased
    Panic the city from me iam mariah the allusive chanteuse
    Call me now feat westlife and that is a smash feat busta from angels advocate

    Where i belong a song she rrcorded with busta in 2017 . A music video was filmed.
    Some unleaked remixes of angels advocate like standing o the impossible more than just friends languishing i want to know what love is or the demo.
    Or previously unheard songs from her past albums yours feat justin Timberlake satified feat michael jackson after tonight feat luis miguel breaking the chains the crave song anything can happen everytime

    Love will never end distant lover the wedding song reach for the sky alive never enough
    Your girl feat nore
    Kick rocks
    Beautiful dance unheard remix with new vocals.
    32 songs is too short for all her unrealased material if she want to realased b sides international bonus tracks albums songs that have leaked from angels advocate or mc vs jump smokers plus stand alone singles plus collaboration plus songs that haveleaked like weakness of the body we re not making love anymore when i feel it plus songs that havent been heard it is too short.
    I would have prefer a mix of live performances and unrealased tracks on the second disc maybe live performance from others tours. She needs a 3 or 4 discs set to unveil all her unrealased material.

    But i imagine not all her unheard songs were recorded.
    At least we can hope she include on the album hypnotized or can you hear me or hope street since she recorded them and since angels advocate was supposed to be realased im guessing she recorded the whole album with the remixes and bonus tracks . We can hope for the mariah busta collab from 2017 since it was recorded and the beautiful unheard remix

    Apparently the wedding song Alive react for the sky angels cry were recorded too and your girl feat nore satisfied never enough as well as everytime but maybe yours feat Timberlake wont be realased because at the time there were conflicts and after tonight feat luis miguel was distroyed

    And maybe angels advocate album wont be realase on the album cause she plans to drop it after the fridays that celebrate butterfly glitter rainbow charmbracelet the emmancipation of mimi e=mc2 and maybe beautiful.unheard remix will be realase alone during a friday that célèbrate me iam mariah. Fingers crossed

  2. Does that mean the single droping on friday and the rarities album will be the only célébrations left for her 30 anniversary or is there more?
    Will she continue droping digital EPs from honey butterfly rainbow my all the roof i still believe or sweetheart heartbreaker thank god i found you cant take that away against all odds loverboy never too far hero through the rain boy i need you bringing on the heartbreak its like that we belong together dont forget about us say something touch my body bye bye i stay in love obsessed the one i want to know what love is beautiful you re mine eternall auld lang syne oh santa or does that mean we re going to have the single and the album and no more EPs or live performances of top of the pops. Cause i still want the beautiful unrealased dance remix and the unrealased music video of beautful feat young jeezy’, and live performances of top of the pops and a dance remix of dont forget about us that i cant find.
    Does that mean that after the rarities the célébrations will end or it will continue a little bit more with christmas eps.
    I hope she will realase the beautiful remix and angels advocate album but not the songs that has previously leaked and if she could realase angels advocate separatly from the rarities that way we can have more unleaked songs on the album , mauve on friday maybe the same day of the realase of the rarities since it is supposed to be the célébration week of memoirs of an imperfect angels october 2 and october 9 the week for caution. Or maybe she could drop eps from caution and moia on october 9 and 16. In my opinion she should have drop eps until caution album until october 9 ans then realase the rarities album on october 16.
    I hope that the single droping on friday and the rarities are not the last surprises from the célébration and that there are more live performances and digital eps i want eps from all of her singles .
    Does that mean the rarities is the only physical realase. i hope it is not the new album she was talking and recording i hope is not her 16 studio album.
    Maybe we will get the underneath the stars vidéo on october 3 the day of daydream anniversary .


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