Guy Sebastian announces release date & track listing of new album ‘T.R.U.T.H’

There’s a lot of exciting news for Guy Sebastian fans today. His new album ‘T.R.U.T.H’ has finally been made available for pre-order, and comes with a brand new track ‘If He Won’t’ available immediately.

Out on October 16th, the album’s track listing is as follows:

  1. Before I Go
  2. Believer
  3. Choir
  4. I’m Your Man
  5. Standing With You
  6. Only Thing Missing
  7. Love on Display
  8. Who I Love
  9. In a World (featuring Shungudzo)
  10. Let Me Drink (feat. The HamilTones & Wale)
  11. If He Won’t
  12. Fantasize

“I wanted to create something that was about my life, the things that I’ve been through and my truths. I know who I am and I’m unashamed as well. I’m not trying to be something that I’m not”.

Guy Sebastian on ‘T.R.U.T.H’

The album has been years in the making, and four of the twelve songs have already been released as singles; the Top 10 hits ‘Choir’ and ‘Standing With You’, as well as ‘Before I Go’ and ‘Let Me Drink’.

‘Believer’ was performed on Guy’s ‘Ridin’ With You’ Tour last year, and ‘I’m Your Man’ was trialled at the ‘You Me Us’ regional tour way back in 2016.

In addition to the album pre-order, Guy has also released a new ‘Guy Alt. Version’ of ‘Standing With You’ today, with re-recorded vocals.

Guy is expected to announce dates soon for a 2021 Australian tour in support of the ‘T.R.U.T.H’ album.

Listen to ‘If He Won’t’:

Listen to ‘Standing With You’ (Guy Alt. Version):

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