18th Anniversary of Mariah Carey’s ‘Through The Rain’

On this day in 2002, ‘Through The Rain’ was released as the lead single from Mariah Carey’s ninth studio album ‘Charmbracelet’.

The uplifting inspirational song topped Billboard’s ‘Hot Singles Chart’, which measures physical sales of commercial singles, and also became Mariah’s eighth song to top Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart.

The remix, which was the final track on the ‘Charmbracelet’ album, featured singers Joe and Kelly Price.


The music video was directed by Dave Meyers, and starred Jamie-Lynn Sigler. It is loosely based on Mariah’s parents and their interracial relationship. The scenes where Mariah is singing in a church covered in sunflowers is a tribute to her father who passed away earlier that year.

Mariah performed ‘Through The Rain’ at the 2003 American Music Awards to a standing ovation.

Notable chart positions:

  • Australia: #15
  • Canada: #5
  • Italy: #7
  • Spain: #1
  • UK: #8

Music Video:

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  1. Though it did not reach #1 in the Philippines it became an immortal songs in concerts of notable Filipino divas, it is also been a favourite contest piece from the date of its release up to now.


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