Happy Birthday Tamia!

Wishing Tamia a happy birthday, as she turns 46 today!

Tamia’s first album (1998) included the hits ‘Imagination’, ‘So Into You’, ‘You Put a Move On My Heart’, and more.

The follow-up album ‘A Nu Day’ (2000) included ‘Stranger In My House’, ‘Tell Me Who’, and ‘Can’t Go For That’.

‘More’ (2004) featured the hit singles ‘Into You’ with Fabolous, ‘Officially Missing You’, ‘Still’, and ‘Questions’.

‘Between Friends’ (2006) included the singles ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Me’ and ‘Almost’.

Singles from ‘Beautiful Surprise’ (2012) included the title track, and ‘Give Me You’. It also included a reworked version of ‘Still’ from the ‘More’ album which we absolutely love.

The incredible ‘Love Life’ (2015) album included the hits ‘Sandwich and a Soda’ and ‘Stuck With Me’.

Tamia’s latest album ‘Passion Like Fire’ (2018) featured ‘Leave It Smokin’, ‘It’s Yours’, and the beautiful ‘Today I Do’.

What an incredible discography, and that doesn’t even include other hits like ‘Missing You’ with Brandy, Chaka Khan and Gladys Knight, and ‘Spend My Life With You’ with Eric Benét. Can’t wait to see what else she has in store!

Happy Birthday Tamia!

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