18th Anniversary of Fabolous &; Tamia’s ‘Into You’

On this day in 2003, Fabolous & Tamia released ‘Into You’. The single peaked at #4 in both Australia and the US.

The collaboration is based on Tamia’s solo single ‘So Into You’ from 1998.


The version on Fabolous’ album features Ashanti, however Tamia recorded the radio edit and appeared in the music video. As both versions of the song were played on radio, all three artists were credited on the Billboard charts.

There have been a number of reports about why both Ashanti and Tamia recorded the song; most commonly that Ashanti was unable to film the music video due to scheduling conflicts or that Irv Gotti didn’t allow her to, however Ashanti has debunked both of those claims.

Most recently in 2020, Fabolous claimed “Tamia is who the original song came from. Tamia was getting surgery on her throat at the time when we did the song, so we got Ashanti to do the song… When we did the video, she was back… We laid the vocals after her throat surgery.” Tamia did not respond to Fabolous directly, but simply posted her discography on social media with the caption, “25 years. 8 albums. 0 throat surgeries”.


Listen to the song here:

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