Blackground Records releasing withheld music from Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, JoJo & more

For decades, fans have begged Blackground Records to make music available to buy and stream from their former roster, including Aaliyah, JoJo, Toni Braxton, Tank, Timbaland and more. In a new partnership with EMPIRE, the label has re-emerged as Blackground 2.0 and is finally making R&B lovers dreams come true. Though the announcement has been met with public disapproval from Aaliyah’s estate and singer JoJo (who re-recorded all her Blackground material in 2018), fans are excited to finally have the original music they fell in love with accessible to them.

JoJo, Aaliyah & Toni Braxton

Studio albums and compilations from Aaliyah will be gradually released, beginning as early as August 20th, JoJo’s first two albums are coming in September and Toni Braxton’s only album with the label ‘Libra’ will be set free on October 1st. The new Blackground Records website shows the full details of all upcoming releases, which includes CDs, box sets, cassettes and vinyls, and of course the albums will be globally available digitally for the first time ever.

The website also has a section for music videos, with the message ‘Coming Soon’. This is likely just the beginning, as the label have so much more in the vault which could potentially be released in future.

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