18th Anniversary of Delta Goodrem’s ‘Not Me, Not I’

On this day in 2003, Delta Goodrem released ‘Not Me, Not I’ as the fourth single from her unstoppable #1 album ‘Innocent Eyes’.

The single was the first to be released by Delta following the heartbreaking news that she had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

It became Delta’s fourth consecutive single to top the charts in Australia, breaking the record for the most #1 singles from one album. Delta later broke her own record when ‘Predictable’ from the same album also went to #1, and this is a record which still stands.

‘Not Me, Not I’ and ‘Predictable’ were written because my boyfriend at the time had left a voicemail on my phone for another girl. I was in the studio when I got it and I was a bit shocked, naturally. I played the voicemail for Kara [DioGuardi] and she said, ‘We’re going to write #1 songs about this’. We wrote two #1 hits from the fact that I got a voicemail that was meant for another girl.

– Delta Goodrem via Apple Music

‘Not Me, Not I’ was a Top 20 hit in New Zealand and the UK, and also had moderate success in Ireland and the Netherlands.

In July 2020, the remastered music video was added to YouTube in HD, along with many more videos from Delta’s videography which had never before been uploaded to her channel.

Watch the music video:

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