24th Anniversary of Backstreet Boys’ ‘All I Have To Give’

On this day in 1998, the Backstreet Boys released ‘All I Have To Give’. It was one of the group’s first songs to include lead vocals from all five members.

The song peaked within the Top 10 around the world and remains one of their biggest hits. In 1999, it took out the ‘Choice Music Video of the Year’ category at the Teen Choice Awards. The group continue to perform the track with most of the original choreography at their shows.

In selected countries, ‘All I Have To Give (Part II – The Conversation Mix)’ appeared in addition to the original track on the ‘Backstreet’s Back’ album, and ‘All I Have To Give (A Cappella)’ was included on the ‘Black & Blue’ album.

There were alternate versions of the music video played in different countries, although there is only one currently available on the group’s YouTube channel. Both versions featured the song’s shortened radio edit.

‘All I Have To Give’ was written and produced by Full Force, and a cover of the song appeared on their 2014 album ‘With Love From Our Friends’, performed by Lil’ G of Silk, Slim of 112, Steve Russell of Troop and RL of Next.

Some notable chart positions:

  • Australia: #4
  • Austria: #4
  • Germany: #8
  • Hungary: #1
  • Ireland: #6
  • New Zealand: #3
  • Scotland: #2
  • Spain: #1
  • Sweden: #6
  • Switzerland: #8
  • UK: #2
  • US: #5

Watch the music video below:

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