April 8th

1989Roxette went to #1 in the US with ‘The Look’.
1994Aaliyah released ‘Back & Forth’.
1995Take That went to #1 in the UK with ‘Back For Good’.
2000Santana went to #1 in the US with ‘Maria Maria’, featuring The Product G&B.
2003Monica released ‘So Gone’.
2003Ginuwine released ‘The Senior’.
2008Carrie Underwood released ‘Last Name’.
2008Lady Gaga released ‘Just Dance’.
2013Kelly Clarkson released ‘People Like Us’.
2022All-4-One released ‘No Regrets (Deluxe Edition)’.
2022Carrie Underwood released the ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ single.
2022Kylie Minogue released ‘Infinite Disco’.

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