August 11th

1992Hi-Five released ‘Keep It Goin’ On’.
1997Backstreet Boys released the ‘Backstreet’s Back’ album.
1998Kelly Price released ‘Soul Of A Woman’.
1998Luther Vandross released ‘I Know’.
20033 Doors Down released ‘Here Without You’.
2003Shania Twain released ‘Thank You Baby! (For Makin’ Someday Come So Soon)’.
2003Ashanti released ‘Rain On Me’.
2006Christina Aguilera released ‘Hurt’.
2007Ricki-Lee released ‘Brand New Day’.
2008P!nk released ‘So What’.
2008Natasha Bedingfield released ‘Angel’.
2009Kelly Clarkson released ‘Already Gone’.
2020Tori Kelly released ‘Unbothered’.

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