February 22nd

1974James Blunt was born.
1985Whitney Houston released ‘You Give Good Love’.
1989The 1989 Grammy Awards took place.
1994Mariah Carey released ‘Never Forget You’.
1997The Spice Girls went to #1 in the US with ‘Wannabe’.
1997No Doubt went to #1 in the UK with ‘Don’t Speak.’
1999Whitney Houston released ‘It’s Not Right but It’s Okay’ in the UK.
1999Roxette released ‘Have a Nice Day’.
2000Aaliyah released ‘Try Again’.
2002Tina Arena released ‘Tu es toujours là’.
2005Omarion released ‘O’.
2011Adele released ’21’ in the US.
2012Usher released ‘Climax’.
2019Brian McKnight released ‘When I’m Gone’.
2019AJ McLean released ‘Boy and a Man’.

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