July 28th

1986Janet Jackson released
‘When I Think Of You’.
1989Gloria Estefan
released the ‘Cuts Both
Ways’ album.
1992Mary J. Blige released
‘What’s The 411?’.
1992Bobby Brown released
‘Humpin’ Around’.
1997Dru Hill released
‘Never Make A
1997Foxy Brown & Dru
Hill released ‘Big Bad Mamma’.
1998Boyz II Men released
‘Doin’ Just Fine’.
1998Mary J. Blige released ‘The Tour’.
1998Dixie Chicks released the ‘Wide Open Spaces’ single.
1998Jesse Powell released ‘I Wasn’t With It’.
2003Blu Cantrell released
2003LSG released ‘LSG2’.
2003Nickelback released ‘Someday’.
2007Guy Sebastian
released ‘Cover On My
2007Darren Hayes released ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’.
2009Fabolous released ‘Loso’s Way’.
2016JoJo released ‘Fuck Apologies’, featuring Wiz Khalifa.

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