October 5th

1973Elton John released ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.
1974Heather Headley was born.
1974Olivia Newton-John went to #1 in the US with ‘I Honestly Love You’.
1984Brooke Valentine was born.
1993Boyz II Men released ‘Christmas Interpretations’.
1996Céline Dion’s ‘Falling Into You’ went to #1 in the US.
1998The Cardigans released ‘My Favourite Game’.
1998Kylie Minogue released ‘Cowboy Style’.
1999Tamar released ‘Get None’, featuring JD and Amil.
1999Prince released ‘The Greatest Romance Ever Sold’.
2002Kelly Clarkson went to #1 in the US with ‘A Moment Like This’.
2004Natasha Bedingfield released ‘These Words’.
2004Jon B released ‘Stronger Everyday’.
2004Wyclef Jean released ‘Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101’.
2010P!nk released ‘Raise Your Glass’.
2010Faith Evans released ‘Something About Faith’.
2010David Archuleta released ‘The Other Side of Down’.
2018The soundtrack for ‘A Star Is Born’ was released.
2018Shawn Stockman released the ‘shawn’ EP.

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