September 10th

1980Prince released
1988‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’
by Guns N’ Roses
went to #1 in the US.
1991Nirvana released
‘Smells Like Teen
1991Karyn White released
‘Ritual of Love’.
1996New Edition released
‘Home Again’.
1998The 1998 MTV Video
Music Awards took
2000Whitney Houston &
Enrique Iglesias
released ‘Could I Have
This Kiss Forever’.
2001Dido released
2004Josh Groban released
‘You Raise Me Up’.
2005Mariah Carey became the first lead female
artist to ever occupy
the top 2 positions on
the Billboard Hot 100
Chart, when ‘We
Belong Together’ spent
its 14th week at #1,
while ‘Shake It Off’
jumped to #2.
2013Keith Urban released
2013Gloria Estefan
released ‘The

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