September 21st

1967Faith Hill was born.
1982Janet Jackson’s
self-titled debut album
was released.
1982Luther Vandross
released ‘Forever, For
Always, For Love’.
1985Madonna‘s ‘Like a
Virgin’ album went to
#1 in the UK.
1993Salt-N-Pepa released
1993Nirvana released ‘In
1995No Doubt released
‘Just a Girl’.
1995Faith Evans released ‘Soon As I Get Home’.
1996The Fugees went to #1 in the UK with ‘Ready Or Not’.
1997Missy Elliott released ‘Sock It 2 Me’,
featuring Da Brat.
1998Sheryl Crow released
‘The Globe Sessions’.
1999Mariah Carey
featuring Jay-Z.
1999Brian McKnight
released the ‘Back At
One’ album.
1999Yolanda Adams
released ‘Mountain
High… Valley Low’.
1999Gina Thompson released ‘If You Only Knew’.
2001Mariah Carey’s film
‘Glitter’ was released
in theatres.
2002Kelly Rowland
released ‘Stole’.
2004Destiny’s Child
released ‘Lose My
2004Keith Urban released
‘Be Here’.
2005The Cardigans
released ‘I Need Some
Fine Wine and You,
You Need To Be Nicer’.
2012No Doubt released the ‘Push and Shove’
2018Josh Groban released

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